A Thankyou to Bristol Bierkeller

Photo Credit: DevPlacePhotos

I know this post will be released outside of my normal schedule but I‘ve been meaning to write this one for a while, and with the immediate closure of the Bristol Bierkeller being announced recently (ish), now seems like the best time.

This is less of an accessibility review and more of a thank you. I may have only been to the Bierkeller once (for Royal Blood way back in 2014) but it left an immediate impression on me for how they dealt with accessibility and my needs.

So thankyou for making sure I could get tickets even when ‘disabled access’ tickets weren’t really possible for this venue (extra shout out to my stepdad Col for picking up tickets for the gig in the first place!).

Thankyou for not turning me down when you heard I was in a wheelchair and needed wheelchair access to the venue, even though the venue had stairs and wasn’t particularly considered ‘accessible’

Thank you for putting me and my friend side of stage “because that’s just what we do”. You made a young girl’s night with that one!

Thankyou for letting me sit with the rest of the crowd for the opening songs of Royal Blood’s set and not freaking out that I’d break if I sat with the “normal” crowd (like I thought was going to happen) (also special kudos to Dev for getting me out and sat on one of tables #bestgigbuddy)

And overall, Bristol Bierkeller, thankyou for helping me enjoy a gig like everyone else and (for this one time) forget how my disability has to alter my gig experience. More venues should take your approach to making the ‘inaccessible’ accessible and how there’s a way around pretty much anything.

Thankyou Bristol Bierkeller, you’ll be sorely missed

Stay Invincible!

Em (InvincibleWomanOnWheels)


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