Travel Bucket List: Top 5 Longer Trips I Want To Take

Again, it seems odd to be writing about travel with half the world currently on lockdown from COVID – 19, but alongside my Top 5 Bucket Cities I Want to Visit post, I wanted to share 5 longer trips I’d also like to take (road trips or whole country visits rather than specific cities) So, here they are!


Those of you who know me personally or have been long time readers will know I spend a good amount of time on a train and love a good train ride, so interrailing seems like a nice extension of that and way to combine it with seeing the world (I could more than likely tick off a few of the bucket list cities this way). It would also be a good way to compare the accessibility of European railways to the variable experience I’ve had here in the UK. Plus falling asleep on a train out of one city and (intentionally) waking up in an entirely city (or country) sounds like magic to me.  I’d probably go to Paris first as it’s the easiest trip from London, then onto Madrid before finding a way to double back through various countries and get to Prague, or maybe I’d just interrail through Scandinavia specifically (Norway, Sweden and Denmark and maybe more) and make sure to visit Copenhagen, I’ve never imagined a set route so who knows!

Greek Islands Tour

Island tours just have a sense of something special about them for me, which is why this is next on the list. I guess that love for islands properly started on our Sicilian road trip, and since I’ve already been to Kos and Rhodes somewhat, a Greek Island hopping trip sounds like a good next plan. I always figured I’d just grab a plane to Athens and then spend a month or so (maybe less) hopping between different islands.

Ireland Road Trip

Next up is a road trip around Ireland (yes there’s a road trip/island hopping theme to these). Aoife and Ellie, 2/3 of the Invincible Women from whom this blog is named, did a road trip around Ireland not too long before we went to Sicily and I was slightly gutted not to get to go. So I’d like to get to see what the country has to offer, starting in Dublin of course, my #2 bucket list city

Balearics Road Trip

I spent many a childhood summer holiday in Mallorca, one of the Balearic islands, and found it to be wonderfully accessible, so it would be nice to explore the rest of the Balearic islands, both to see how they are as islands in their own right and to see how they compare in accessibility to Mallorca (and other places of course). Now of course I know there are many islands in the Balearics and it’s quite impossible to see them all in one whole trip, so I’d probably start by going to Mallorca, or maybe I’d start with one of the other islands I’m not too sure. Let me know if you have any specific recommendations!

Sri Lanka

Right, I’ll be honest here, this one’s on the list to prove a very specific point. There was a school expedition to Sri Lanka when I was in sixth form (so like 17/18 for those international readers who don’t know the UK school system) which I would have been interested to go on. However, the itinerary amongst other things made it seem like it wouldn’t be possible to adapt things to involve me in most activities, which has always irked me slightly. So, I’d like to go and explore Sri Lanka just to see how much of what I thought and was told was not accessible could become accessible with a little ingenuity and #InvincibleWoman thinking! I would probably most like to see Adam’s Peak and Sigiriya which I’m pretty sure were part of the original expedition itinerary, just to prove I may have been able to access them.

I hope this gives another little insight into where I plan to go when this is all over!

Stay Invincible!

Em (Invincible Woman On Wheels)


  1. They all sound wonderful, but my favorite is the road trip to Ireland. It’s part of my dream vacation. I would love to go to Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Visit the small towns, stop at the local pubs, and appreciate the views and nature. Great post!


  2. I love that you have bucket list, this helps you to organize your thoughts even during this time. It will be over soon and I hope you enjoy your travels. I really like traveling on trains as well, you get to pass different cities even if it just sightseeing and see different landscapes. Great post ☺️


  3. I’ve been meaning to interrail for so long! Initially I didn’t have enough money… and then there was all that uncertainty with the EU… and then there was a global pandemic… But I’m sure one day I’ll get there 😂


  4. This sounds so good! What a great list 🙂 I was meant to be going interrailing in Europe this Spring (but obviously couldn’t go, haha) – still feeling very excited about the prospect of going in the future though!


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