Enola Holmes Book Tag

Something a little different from me today. I was previously quite an avid reader (cheers academia for ruining that one for me) and still have a bookcase FULL of books I would love to read but lack the motivation to do so. So I am thankful for the opportunity to think about and discuss books in a non-academic way again. Which is why I am extremely thankful to Hannah from Hannah’s Bookshelf for tagging me to participate in the Enola Holmes Book Tag  and to  Bellerose Reads for creating the tag in the first place. Firstly, I’ll outline the rules of the tag, then I’ll answer the prompts, then I’ll nominate 5 other bookish bloggers to join in and answer the prompts themselves.

Oh just a little heads up, that little “previously avid reader” part means I don’t really read that much anymore (although this tag has me picking the habit back up). I’m probably not going to be discussing that many books here so if you’re looking for a wide variety of literature this isn’t the post for you.


  • List the rules and the prompts of the tag in your post.
  • Thank the person who tagged you and ping back to their post.
  • Give credits to the creator of the tag Bellerose Reads, and ping back to her post.
  • Tag at least 5 people.

The Prompts and My Answers

Enola Holmes: name an independent and smart female protagonist.

That would have to be Eve Rosser from the Morganville Vampires Series (which I’ve not finished yet so no spoilers in the comments please!). She’s just so badass and confident and  takes no messing about from anyone. I think that’s particularly key considering she lives with two fairly macho, confident boys in the series. Plus I just want to be that confident.

Sherlock Holmes: name your favourite mystery/thriller book.

This would DEFINITELY be The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. I just randomly picked this up from a market stall on a whim once, and now I could read it 1000 times and not get bored. The twists still get me every time.

Eudoria Holmes: name a character that defies the rules of their society.

Can I pick the same character for two prompts? Ah hell I’m doing it anyway. This would have to be Eve from the Morganville series again. Dressing goth style with skulls and literal wooden stakes must be the ultimate in defying society when you live in vampire land right? Plus I just LOVE Eve’s style. I want her clothes, I want her car, I swear I want to BE her.

Mycroft Holmes: name the most annoying character you know.

Harry Hole from the Harry Hole Series by Jo Nesbo. I think it’s the psychologist in me, but watching him go from clean and sober, back to addiction and then fighting to get clean again (assuming I’m reading the series in the right order? I’m never too sure given that the English versions are translations) has me screaming “ PLEASE GO TO THERAPY AND GET SOME ACTUAL HELP”. But I guess that’s because I’d kinda add him to the next prompt, because I want to protect him too.

Lord Tewkesbury: name a character that you want to protect at all costs.

100% Shane Collins from the Morganville series (can you tell I love this series, is it obvious?!) It’s not often I’ll laugh out loud at a book or find myself grinning as I’m reading but Shane’s characters always has me laughing or smiling at the book. Would it make sense if I said he’s written in a way that makes it feel as if you’re being hugged through a book? Do my fellow bookworms get what I mean? The warmth of his character is just really nice, particularly in these times when I have very limited social interaction with real human beings.

Inspector Lestrade: name a loyal side character.

Rakel from the Harry Hole Series. In the ones from the series that  I have read (yes I’ve not finished this series either, my lack of recent reading is REALLY showing) she’s always there for Harry through everything. When I read a part where Harry’s struggling I’m always thinking “It’s ok because Rakel will re-enter at some point and help him sort everything out”. Whether being loyal to a man with as many issues and faults as Harry Hole is a good or a bad choice is another thing entirely.

Miss Harrison: name a book that aged like milk.

The Twilight Series (which awkwardly enough still sits on my bookshelf). The Edward and Bella dynamic is VERY obviously just weird and creepy now. Sneaking in her bedroom to watch her sleep?! *sounds giant “he’s a creep” warning signal*. Honestly why was #TeamEdward ever a thing? It’s just all very creepy to me now.

Linthorn: name a book or character you hated from the very beginning

Katrine Bratt from the Harry Hole Series. I remember from the moment she was introduced I felt very uneasy. I was constantly thinking “Why are you here? What do you want? Whose life do you want to ruin?” The entire time I knew she was bad news so I was just waiting for my suspicions to be proved correct.

Edith: name your favourite book with Black rep.

Is it bad that I can’t think of any books for this prompt? At least none that I’d want to recommend as actual good Black representation. And I know that’s my fault as much as it might be an issue regarding the kind of literature that’s being published. I definitely need to diversify my reading and would appreciate your recommendations of books with good Black representation, and I’ll keep an eye out for recommendations in other posts on this tag.

My Nominations

Jess at Stuck In The Book

Jackie/Robyn at Never Imitate

Lin at The Reading Den

Linz at Sunsets, Books & Wine

Dani at dmci reads

I hope everyone enjoyed reading about the bookworm side of me! Thankyou again to Hannah for the tag and for helping to remind me how much I love and missed reading!


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