About InvincibleWomanOnWheels: Educating People Like You About Realistic Life With A Disability


For the longest time, I believed that my life as a disabled person was just that. My life, nothing special or ground breaking. That was until a girls trip to Sicily where the girls I was travelling with said they’d learned so much about my life and struggles as a disabled person from our trip together, and encouraged me to share these insights with the world. So that’s what I did. I started InvincibleWomanOnWheels and now I’ve shared my life with over 4000 people in 79 countries and been featured in national media and on national radio. I want to continue opening your mind to understand that disabled people are regular people with regular lives like you. And to empower you to help us achieve full accessibility.

Who Am I?

I’m Emma, a 24 year old wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy. I have 2 degrees, but I also have a passion for accessibility and disability rights. My friends would say I’m honest to a tee (sometimes too much). Outside of blogging and my studies, I love coffee, concerts and Mixed Martial Arts.

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What Can You Expect Here?

I’ll be giving you a refreshingly honest look at my life as a wheelchair user, including issues I face, my experiences of travelling (at home and abroad) and venue accessibility reviews from those concerts and Mixed Martial Arts events. To keep up with adventures on wheels, check out the blog and subscribe, and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram