5 Things I Learned En Route to 5000 Views

Recently I hit 5000 views on the blog! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. That milestone led me to thinking about what I’ve learned about blogging in those 5000 views, so I thought I’d note my top 5 things learned over the course of 5000 views, and maybe you can make use of what I’ve learned BEFORE you hit 5000 views, or even if you already have.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Now this is a new one for me with the extra time I have in lockdown, but promote, promote promote your content on social media! Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, promote your content everywhere you can and everywhere you feel comfortable. You have to sell your posts and make people want to read them and no one can read them if no one can see them!

Put Yourself Forward for Opportunities

Don’t be scared to put yourself for opportunities, collaborations or to work with brands.  You might not think you’re good enough, but an opportunity works within your niche and it interests you, go for it! The only caveat to this is don’t apply to an opportunity if you don’t fit the criteria (such as Domain Authority or niche), make sure you read opportunities before blindly applying.

Don’t Force Content

This is a biggie! Don’t write a post just because you feel the need to stick to a schedule, write when you’re inspired to. In the same vein, don’t write to trends because it’s what everyone’s writing about and will get a lot of views, write about what inspires you. This may make blog growth a little slower but I genuinely believe the content will be better if it’s naturally and organically written from inspiration.

Realise Your Key Cornerstone

Realise the one aspect or value related to your blog that you can’t avoid or wouldn’t give up on to gain more views. For me, that’s realism and making sure  my blog remains realistic. If I feel an opportunity or post is unrealistic or inauthentic, I won’t undertake the opportunity or write that particular post. That kind of leads back to point 3 and not forcing content, I feel like forcing content and writing to trends is inauthentic for me so I don’t do it.

Connect With Other Bloggers

Another relatively new one for me but connect with other bloggers and link up for collaborations or contribute to their blog posts. You can gain traction and have opportunities brought to you through being involved with other bloggers who have a larger reach than your blog, particularly when you’re starting out as a small blogger. But I would say make sure the opportunity is actually something you want to collaborate on. Contributing to others blog posts and connecting with them just to piggyback off their larger reach won’t earn you friends in the blogging community.

I hope these tips help someone and show what I’ve learned so far in my blogging journey, and thankyou for 5000 views, here’s to the next 5000.

Stay Invincible!

Em (Invincible Woman On Wheels)


  1. Congratulations on the 5,000 views, that’s huge! I completely agree with everything you’ve said here, especially promoting and connecting with other bloggers. I’ve ‘met’ some amazing people through doing this xx


  2. This is brilliant advice. My content has dropped so much recently because every time I tried to do a post, the ideas just didn’t come together and as you say you can’t force it because it really will be crap! And I’d rather no content than bad content.

    Well done on 5000! Amazing achievement x x


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